Cold Chain Logistics Solutions

Getting cold products shipped to where it needs to be without issue can be a large undertaking. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you with proper packaging and shipping procedures for your products that are temperature sensitive.
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ShipCalm understands the importance of having accurate and safe cold chain logistics. Cold Chain logistics are the systems in which companies store, package, and ship perishable goods, ranging from anything from perishable foods like steaks to certain medications that require temperature-controlled facilities and shipping processes. Cold chain logistics require effective technologies and shipping processes that guarantee consumers receive their goods in a safe and timely manner. In this article, we’ll explore ShipCalm’s cold chain logistics services such as our cold chain storage and logistic services. By properly understanding the many services ShipCalm offers that are available to e-commerce businesses, shipping cold items and perishables are simplified.

ShipCalm Cold Chain Services

There are many different elements to cold chain services, from storage practices and packaging methods all the way to properly managing the inventory of perishable goods. For e-commerce businesses, the only way they can see long-term growth and success is by streamlining and optimizing their cold chain logistics. ShipCalm’s cold chain services can simplify shipping processes and guarantee customers end up happy in the long run.

Cold Storage

Before an order is ever placed by a consumer, e-commerce businesses need to provide a safe, clean, and effective venue for their perishable goods. Having proper cold storage facilities is key to ensuring that e-commerce practices are approved by the FDA and other federal entities that require safe and healthy shipping practices of perishables. Temperature sensitivity is not something that should be taken lightly and can be easily affected by seasonal changes, product lifespans, and storage capabilities. ShipCalm can help e-commerce companies find the proper environment for their cold storage needs.

Cold Chain Packaging

Beyond the stage of finding proper warehousing for temperature-sensitive perishables, e-commerce businesses also need to consider packaging standards. As soon as perishable goods are removed from their storage facilities, perishables have a fixed amount of time before they are no longer safe to consume. Proper cold chain packaging allows goods to be shipped in a manner that keeps items at their required temperature and ensures consumers receive their items in their intended state. From kitting and assembly to using the correct materials, ShipCalm has a strong grasp on proper cold chain packaging. Some of the resources ShipCalm uses within their cold chain packaging services include:

  • Dry ice 
  • Gel packs
  • Liquid nitrogen 
  • Reefers
  • Eutectic plates 
  • Quilts

Cold Chain Management

ShipCalm also has strong experience with managing the systems that allow for the proper cold chain management. For online sellers to properly have an idea of their inventory and cold chain capabilities, they need to have strong management of their cold chain supply from beginning to end. Some of the items ShipCalm can help e-commerce companies handle include:
  • Design and optimize supply chain
  • Look for potential supply chain disruptions
  • Prevent and reduce waste
  • Order management
  • Inventory management 
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts

Get Started With ShipCalms Cold Chain Services Today

From knowing the best resources for temperature-sensitive packaging to proper supply chain management, ShipCalm is the 3PL company e-commerce sellers need to feel rest assured that their cold chain logistics haven’t received the cold shoulder. With extensive experience shipping food and beverages, ShipCalm offers eCommerce companies increased confidence in their cold chain services to keep their consumers happy and support long-term growth and success. Explore ShipCalm’s pricing page to learn more!

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