Take Advantage of Magento Fulfillment Integration with ShipCalm

Magento users seek to elevate the online shopping experience, with open source technology creating flexible shopping cart systems and increased control over the look, content, and complete user experience for e-commerce shoppers. Online businesses can benefit from using Magento’s resourceful features, which is why ShipCalm is a proud Magento partner. By pairing Magento’s powerful marketing and content management tools and ShipCalm’s streamlined shipping logistic services, e-commerce merchants can dream big and focus on long-term growth and prosperity.  In this article, we’ll answer a few common questions about ShipCalm’s Magento fulfillment integration, as well as some of the advantages of outsourcing Magento fulfillment to ShipCalm. By understanding the benefits of this happy pairing, online merchants can improve their entire shipping process.

Benefits of Outsourcing Magento Fulfillment to ShipCalm

While an increase in online orders is certainly a good thing for online sellers, managing logistics can get overwhelming quickly without the proper resources. Let’s explore a few ShipCalm features that Magento partners can benefit from.
  • Magento Fulfillment Integration – Magento users can integrate their store with ShipCalm’s system using ShipStation, allowing all order and shipping data to be located in one simple location for increased transparency. 
  • Magento Fulfillment Automation – When Magento users outsource shipping logistics to ShipCalm, our system automatically notifies Magento merchants of orders placed. Once the customer places their order ShipCalm quickly arranges shipment from chosen distribution areas.  
  • Inventory Management – ShipCalm has a wealth of knowledge regarding Magento fulfillment processes and inventory management systems. ShipCalm can ensure inventory cycles reduce lost costs and are well-stocked to prevent customers from experiencing stock-outs. 
  • Customer Service – Customer relations is a critical element of growing any business, especially with the detachment of online shipping. ShipCalm can help with customer service, customer concerns, as well as returns to help business owners focus on other elements of business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Magento partner, ShipCalms wants to make sure interested entrepreneurs have all their questions answered to understand how ShipCalm can improve their business. From packaging to customer reviews, ShipCalm is here to help. Here are a few of the most common questions from e-commerce sellers:
  • Can ShipCalm handle returns? – Yes! ShipCalm has extensive experience with order fulfillment but also offers reverse logistics services. This allows online to focus less on roadblocks and more on long-term profits. 
  • Can I offer free shipping or expedited shipping on my Magento e-commerce store? – by streamlining Magento fulfillment processes and reducing lost profits with strategic inventory management, Magento users can offer discounted or expedited shipping options to customers. 
  • Can ShipCalm help with packaging my product? – ShipCalm offers a kitting and assembly service that helps Magento users the ability to outsource the packaging and assembly stage of order fulfillment.
  • Can I integrate my inventory numbers? – Yes! ShipCalm will be able to fully integrate into your platform be able to monitor what your inventory numbers are.

Let ShipCalm Help You With Your Magento Ecommerce Store!

Magento is a great tool for online merchants looking to elevate their customer’s shopping experience and ShipCalm is a valuable resource for optimizing order fulfillment processes. As a Magento partner, ShipCalm seeks to improve inventory management, streamline shipping logistics, and create an all-around positive experience for customers and entrepreneurs. By outsourcing shipping logistics to ShipCalm, merchants can transform and improve their business operations. 

Explore ShipCalm’s pricing to learn more about our shipping services. Have a question about Magento order fulfillment or ShipCalm’s shipping services? Contact a ShipCalm expert today to take the first step toward your business’ growth!

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